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Jo Soul

Jo Soul. Performer. Singer. Artist

In 2018 she completed her research postgraduate studies, MFA Performance Training, in Plymouth University, UK. Her research area was psychophysical systems combined with voice techniques through breath in order to enhance the perception, consciousness and authenticity of the performer.

Each body and voice incorporates the personal history of its social and historical memory. The goal is through the technique to activate the respective memory that the artist brings on stage and to express herself holistically through her body and voice, redefining her self-perception and consciousness by building a new artistic identity.

The analysis, methodology and synthesis of the performance were the tools for understanding its nature within the thriving artistic and research community.

Her major placement in Poland at Matejka studio, Grotowski Institute, with Matej Matjka opened the field of physical theatre where she combined it with musical theatre to evolve into autobiographical performance as her final project at Plymouth Conservatoire in 2018. ‘Find the space within yourself’ was the title of the performance using her body and voice as tools to raise questions about the dominant system of patriarchy, the beauty system, female sexuality, and self- management.

2014 to 2016 she focused on the musical genre technique and completed with honors the Musical Theatre of the University of West London, UK. The preparation was undertaken by Alexandros Balamotis in choreography and baritone Panagiotis Dimas in voice. In 2018 she completed the post graduate seminar for teachers in National Conservatory on collaboration technique in voice (modern, classical) trained by the baritone Panagiotis Dimas.

From 2012 to 2015 she attended courses on Drama and Theater practice at Pocket flat theatre lab and contemporary dance with the dancer/choreographer Giannis Mantsis at Olvio theater. She performed in different theatrical plays like ‘Post-Hamlet’ of ‘Minus [Two]’ theater group followed by various performances with participation in Festival of Experimental Theaters, Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, Vryssaki art space and many more.

From 2008 to 2012, she undertook modern voice lessons with mezzo soprano Polymnia Kondyli of National Conservatory.

In addition to her academic studies on performance training and vocal techniques, her first studies were a four-year degree on MA International Relations and Management Studies, in Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK in 2005. Upon her return in Athens, the same year, she finished a one-year degree in Journalism and at the same period she organized, monitored and published as editor in chief a free press magazine called ‘Bang’ in Diorasis Communication Services company.

She has attended painting courses for a decade with the educator and painter Fani Michailidis, photography seminars with the professional photographer Fotis Karapiperis, graphic design with the professor of ‘Vacalo’ school Michael Georgiou and Structure management/Body language with Dr. Giannis Kritsotakis.

Since January 2019, she is being teaching her technique called ‘Soma Foni’ (Body – Voice) at National Conservatory. The course is addressed to student artists and voice teachers (classical and modern) as well as actors and theater people in general where techniques that enhance performers’ expressivity and authenticity are taught.

As a performing arts professional from 2008 she has participated in various bands and performances as a singer – performer. At the moment, she is the singer – performer of ‘Poetry Cabaret’ by Piano Fatale music theatre performance played in Red Jasper Cabaret theater during March and is going to start again in November 2020.

Her main recordings are in 2016, the EP ‘From Scratch’ by Groove Aloud band released by Protasis records where she was the singer of the album. In 2020, a song release ‘the young magician’ song for book trilogy publication by Ostria publishing house and the author Christina Nakou collaborated with Mountain studio.

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Soma – Foni (Body – Voice) course at National Conservatory

The course takes place in small group of people at
National Conservatory, 18 Mager Street, Athens, Greece.
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