Voice Lessons

Voice and speech training, singing (personal, group, custom)


Voice is our expressive tool and our social identity. It is shaped through our soul and body condition and it is inextricably linked to expressiveness as a tool to communicate with our fellow human beings. Through the voice exercises we learn diaphragmatic breathing, we discover the mask (face mask), the right body posture depending on the individuals’ characteristics plus we release muscle tension and stress.

Personal voice lessons are addressed to anyone either want to become a professional singer, to learn how to sing or just want to learn how they can use their voice successfully and keep their voice healthy. It is also addressed to people who want to improve their public speaking skills and to learn how to talk successfully in an audience or a presentation.
Online voice lessons are available.

Group Voice Lessons

Group vocal lessons are addressed to group of people either in business (health professionals, public speakers, teachers, lawyers, businessmen etc) or for artists (theater groups, actors, performers) who want to find their voice and express themselves. The dynamics of the group add extra dimension to the process of vocal work, trust, and availability of the individual. Group vocal lessons help to group bonding and stress management.

Voice lessons based on project (custom)

Either in group or in personal, the custom vocal lessons prepare the professional for a specific performance. Depending on the project, different techniques are used to reach the effective result. Whether it is a musical or theatrical character, or a speaker in a specific professional audience, vocal lessons help to communicate with expressivity and authenticity the spoken words.

Soma – Foni (Body – Voice) course at National Conservatory

The course takes place in small group of people at
National Conservatory, 18 Mager Street, Athens, Greece.
For registration and further information, you can contact me.

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