stage performance, public speaking and oral communication

One to one Seminar

For artists

It is addressed to artists who want to develop their skills on stage performance and self-awareness on stage. It is a holistic approach based on psychophysical training, somatics and voice techniques with emphasis on breath resulting to body and voice connection. The techniques activate the body, release muscle tension and expression and methodize the harmony of the voice body while the artist remains grounded and feels present in the artistic moment. Raise self-perception and builds a new, more conscious collective, human, artistic identity.

For business professionals

It is addressed to business professionals who want to improve their public speaking skills or whoever wants to discover their body and voice expressivity. Enhance self-awareness for successful communication with their environment either business or personal. It is custom made regarding the individual needs depending on the unique characteristics of each body and voice. Releases muscle tension and reduces stress.

Group Seminar

For artists

Psychophysical training, somatics and voice techniques are used in combination with the dynamics of the group and the different body and voice characteristics. Through the different systems a place of safety is being created for the group to feel safe to express individually and collectively themselves in freely. Enhanced confidence, stage presence, collaboration, and group bonding.

For companies

For companies who want to invest on their personnel either individual or group skills: oral communication, public speaking, presentations or stress management and personnel bonding.

Project based seminar (CUSTOM)

For artists

It is based on a specific project and its requirements. The techniques that are being used depend on the need of each project.

For companies

Based on the company request and the time fluxes regarding the needs. Some of the projects may be oral communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, stress management, personnel bonding etc.

Seminar for business professionals

According to the communication rules 83% of successful communication is based on voice and body language. The tone and volume of our voice together with the gestures and posture of our body are the indicators for successful communication with our clients or our audience. The seminar present the philosophy of oral communication, voice characteristics and body posture plus tools and techniques to reach the best communication result for any individual. It is addressed to health professionals, conference speakers, educators, salesmen, businessmen, who want to find their true voice and learn to communicate effectively and expressively with themselves and as a result with their audience.

Interview on DIET COACHING show

Georgia Achilleopoulou, Performance Voice Coach, in Evangellos Zoubaneas show 'Diet Coaching' talking about body posture and voice coahing for oral communication and stage performance.

Soma – Foni (Body – Voice) course at National Conservatory

The course takes place in small group of people at
National Conservatory, 18 Mager Street, Athens, Greece.
For registration and further information, you can contact me.

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