Soma - Foni

for actors, singers, performers

What is Soma-Foni (Body-Voice)?

Soma Foni is a holistic approach regarding body and voice connection. It is based on psychophysical training with elements of physical theatre, improvisation, yoga and somatics like Feldenkrais, Chekov, Grotowski, Laban etc.
Through these systems, the whole body is activated, resulting in helping the voice technique while harmonizing movement and singing. Each body and voice incorporates the personal history of its social and historical memory.
The goal is through the technique to activate the respective memory that the artist brings on stage and to express herself holistically through her body and voice, redefining her self-perception and consciousness by building a new artistic identity.

Soma – Foni (Body – Voice) course at National Conservatory

The course takes place in small group of people at
National Conservatory, 18 Mager Street, Athens, Greece.
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One to one and group seminars based on individual needs and project requirements.

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